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DIY Zoom Teeth Whitening – Dental Care Dangers

May 4, 2021
Posted By: Burwood Diamond Dental

Zoom Teeth whitening have become very popular these days, who doesn’t want to flash a sparkling smile?

While dentists have offered professional teeth-whitening procedures for many years, the DIY market has grown recently and rapidly. In store and online there are a huge range of products, from bleaches to charcoal pastes, all promising pearly-white results?

Doing it yourself – It all looks so easy – just brush with this funny-looking charcoal paste or chomp down into a tray of gel and before you know it, your teeth are dazzling.

Sadly, dentists are mainly seeing people with burns to their gums and damage to their dental enamel, which need emergency dental care by expert doctors, due to DIY zoom teeth-whitening efforts. Unless a product contains specially formulated medical bleach, no whitening will occur. While charcoal toothpaste may help remove stains, just like any toothpaste, it won’t actually whiten teeth.

Zoom Whitening your teeth is not like making your bathroom tiles shining white. Your dental enamel is there to protect your teeth, but you can easily damage it by DIY methods and cause permanent problems with the wrong types of treatment.

Why Professional Zoom teeth whitening are required?

If your teeth are stained or darker than you’d like, see your dentist. They can assess your teeth and explain what you can do to lighten them. Remember that if you have large visible fillings, they can’t be lightened without replacement. Likewise, if you’ve had crowns, bridges or implants done to match your current colour, they won’t be changed by lightening.

Don’t risk your teeth, or your oral health with DIY zoom teeth whitening products, book an appointment online today with one of our professional team members and take the first step to a new smile.