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What Foods You Can Enjoy After Oral Surgery

June 4, 2021
Posted By: Burwood Diamond Dental

The ability to thoroughly appreciate a meal has a significant impact on our overall quality of life. People who follow a healthy, well-balanced diet report more mental and physical enjoyment in life. Mealtime can become a chore when your day-to-day life is hindered by significant mouth discomfort due to toothache. The opportunity to regain control of your eating habits is one of the most significant advantages of choosing dental implants provided as

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that appear and feel like natural teeth.

There is a brief recovery period after oral surgery, therefore, we are mentioning an eclectic list of healthy, great-tasting, soft food ideas you can enjoy during this period.

Potatoes / Sweet Potatoes 
Well-cooked vegetables – steamed, boiled, or microwaved
Easily chewable pasta without red sauce or other acidic sauces
Cooked rice
Soft white bread, ryes, dinner rolls, and pre-packaged loaves
Soups and stews
Fish (without skin)
Ground meat
Pureed meats
Canned meats
Eggs – Scrambled, fried, boiled, poached
Savory pies with soft fillings
Soft Casseroles
Mashed Beans
Hot cereals including oatmeal, grits, barley, quinoa, and buckwheat
Spreads and dips – hummus, guacamole, queso, spinach dip, yogurt dip, fish dip, cream cheese
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