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Are root canal treatments painful?

Do you feel anxious upon visiting the dentist? Maybe you’ve heard that some treatments may feel more uncomfortable than others or carry a stigma. Regardless of the treatment, Burwood Diamond Dental offers patients a warm, welcoming dental clinic with staff that go above and beyond to take the pain out of the equation.

Painless Root Canal Procedures

Some patients may feel anxious before undergoing a root canal treatment due to stories from the past where root canals potentially caused patients high levels of pain. Luckily, patients no longer need to worry about having an unpleasant experience in modern-day dentistry. Before starting a root canal procedure, Dr Khoshamadi ensures the tooth and surrounding gums are thoroughly numb and isolated.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

We treat our patients in Burwood and Sydney’s Inner West like family and use numbing agents in root canal treatments, dental implants, fillings, or any other situation that could cause pain for patients. In addition, we set up our clinic to help patients feel at ease before any consultation or treatment. Dr Khoshamadi offers complete transparency and plenty of information. We leave the final decision with the patient before beginning any treatments!

Contact Our Practice in Burwood, NSW

We invite all patients looking for a painless, relaxed experience for any dental procedure to contact us at their earliest convenience. Our staff is available and ready to help at (02) 9747 6835 or by booking online.