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How can orthodontic procedures protect my smile?

Have you ever wanted to change your smile? Maybe some of your teeth don’t line up correctly, or a dentist told you that your bite could benefit from fixing. How could this pose a future problem, and what are your options?

Orthodontic Consultations in Burwood, NSW

Whether you notice a shift in your teeth from erupting wisdom teeth or potentially considering braces, Dr Khoshamadi at Burwood Diamond Dental can offer expert advice and treatment options to correct and set up your smile for success! Younger patients can avoid future problems in the teeth, gums, and jaws with orthodontics. We also assist patients who want to fix existing problems with their teeth, bite and other issues remedied with orthodontic treatments.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatments

With various options for treatment, our patients can rest easy knowing they are in good hands! Some benefits associated with orthodontic treatments include:

  • Lower risk for periodontitis
  • More accessible cleaning with a toothbrush
  • Avoidance of unwanted bites
  • Enhanced cosmetic appearance
  • Ability to straighten teeth with invisible aligners, like SmileStyler
  • Potential to boost self-esteem

Contact Your Orthodontic Specialist in Burwood, NSW

We welcome new and existing patients to schedule an initial consultation to learn how orthodontic procedures can protect and enhance their smiles for years to come!