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What is soft tissue grafting?

Burwood Diamond Dental uses soft tissue grafting to halt gum recession and improve the aesthetics of a patient’s gumline. Soft tissue grafts cover exposed tooth roots and develop healthy gum tissue that may have been lost due to gum disease or recession.

Exposed tooth roots can impact your smile’s appearance and cause tooth sensitivity to cold and hot foods and liquids. Gum recession can occur from chronic gum inflammation, vigorous tooth brushing, teeth grinding and more. 

How Does Soft Tissue Grafting Work?

During the treatment, the dentist carefully removes soft tissue from the roof of the mouth, also known as the palate. There are many grafting techniques, and your dentist will determine which is best for your needs and goals during your consultation. Sometimes dentists may choose to use healthy, treated soft tissue from a tissue bank for the procedure. 

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