Dental Orthodontics

Do you keep getting food stuck in your teeth due to crooked, uneven teeth? Teeth set out of line can cause both immediate and long-term dental problems. Luckily, our patients at Burwood can benefit from our range of orthodontic dental procedures that diagnose, prevent, and correct misalignment in the teeth and jaws.

Professional Orthodontics in Burwood, NSW

To aid in the development of a healthy smile and lower the risk of future conditions or complications caused by misalignment, Dr Khoshamadi can assess and recommend the proper treatments and procedures to set our patients up for success. Upon assessment, we provide complete transparency and as much information as possible to our patients to help them make the best decision for their smiles!

Orthodontic Assessment and Treatment 

Sure, you brush and floss your teeth regularly, but misalignment can still cause issues for some patients diligent about their oral health. A dental assessment gives patients information about how their teeth and gums may be at risk for plaque and bacteria buildup (amongst other situations). If you didn’t have braces at a younger age, our practice could still offer corrective orthodontic treatments to improve your oral health. We commonly recommend treatments like traditional braces, SmileStyler, or Invisalign to remedy crooked teeth and improve overall cosmetic appearance.

  • Traditional braces: Incredibly common and effective, braces are a time-tested treatment that relies on metal wires and rubber bands to bring teeth into alignment properly.
  • Clear aligners: SmileStyler and Invisalign give patients the option of straightening their smiles using a series of clear aligner trays. Patients should wear their trays throughout the day and night and only remove them for eating, drinking beverages other than water, and cleaning them. 

Both clear aligners and traditional braces offer patients effective, long-lasting results that help safeguard their oral health for years to come.

The Benefits of Dental Orthodontics

At Burwood Diamond Dental, we want to give our patients their best chance at keeping healthy smiles for years to come. Choosing corrective orthodontic treatments early on in life or even as an adult can yield fantastic benefits that include: 

  • Corrective development in teeth and gums that aids in overall oral health 
  • An enhanced cosmetic appearance that can boost self-esteem
  • Lower risk for gum disease, cavities, plaque and bacteria buildup, bone deterioration, or loss of teeth
  • A straighter set of teeth and jaws can help patients to chew foods and ultimately aid in digestion more effectively 
  • Patients with straighter teeth generally find cleaning more manageable and effective, with fewer places for bacteria to hide and multiply

We offer plenty of assistance to our patients in Burwood and the surrounding areas throughout their teeth-alignment process, from daily care to routine check-ups. If you have questions about your procedure or getting started, please give us a call at (02) 9747 6835

Contact Your Friendly Dentist in Burwood, NSW

We warmly invite new and existing patients to contact our practice for more information on our orthodontic services. An initial consultation can help patients decide how they’d like to achieve a straighter, healthier smile.