Root Canal Treatment

Do you experience sensitivity in one of your teeth? Or maybe tooth pain is keeping you from enjoying certain foods like you used to. Symptoms such as these generally call for consultation and examination by a professional to determine the cause and suitable treatment. At Burwood Diamond Dental, we do our best to save patients’ teeth, which can call for root canal treatment in certain situations.

Comfortable and Effective Treatment in Burwood, NSW

Many may cringe at the thought of needing root canal treatment, as these treatments proved more severe and painful in the past, but in modern times patients can undergo treatments such as root canals and tooth extractions without worrying! Dr Khoshamadi cares that all patients at Burwood Diamond Dental feel comfortable and at ease before and during any treatment. Before beginning a root canal treatment, we discuss the specifics of the procedure and ensure that the tooth and surrounding gums and oral tissues are sufficiently numb.

Put an End to Painful Symptoms 

Patients visiting our clinic who suffer from several telltale symptoms are potential candidates for a root canal treatment. Some notable symptoms include:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold beverages
  • Swelling in the gums 
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Discolouration 
  • Pain upon touching a tooth or chewing

If you experience any of these symptoms, our friendly staff is here to assist! You are more than welcome to call us on (02) 9747 6835 to get to the bottom of your pain.

What Can I Expect During a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatments allow dentists to save a damaged tooth when the inner pulp, nerves and blood vessels become infected. Post-consultation, patients can generally expect the following steps during a root canal treatment:

  1. Preparation and numbing of the infected area: To ensure maximum comfort, we’ll make sure patients don’t feel any pain and isolate the infected area before beginning the procedure
  2. Access the roots and infected area: This part involves removing the pulp, roots and canals to clean the infection with antibacterial and antiseptic solutions thoroughly.
  3. Shaping: We’ll properly shape the tooth’s canals and clean them again.
  4. Filling: To ward off future infection and save a tooth, we fill the tooth’s canals with a natural, rubber-like substance called gutta-percha.
  5. Healing and Sealing: After proper healing, we can place a dental crown on top to seal it from further infection and restore normal function for chewing, speaking, and overall comfort.

Fully Functional Smiles Thanks to Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatments effectively save and preserve damaged teeth, rather than extracting them and causing further damage or need for tooth replacements (like dentures or dental implants). Post-procedure, patients can experience considerable improvements in their lifestyles with full function in previously damaged, sensitive or painful teeth. 

Visit Our Professional Dental Clinic in Burwood, NSW

We warmly invite patients in Burwood and Sydney’s Inner West to contact our practice in the event of unwanted, painful symptoms. Our professional team is ready to take care of pain and preserve smiles!