Tooth Extractions

Have you started to notice a toothache or maybe even a bit of decay in your mouth? Or perhaps the pain in your teeth and gums has made eating or drinking certain beverages painful due to sensitivity. What are your options? While every bit of pain you may experience doesn't necessarily require an extraction, getting a professional opinion can shed some light on potential treatments.

How Does a Tooth-Extraction Procedure Work?

A tooth extraction procedure or tooth removal may sound like a daunting procedure for some. Still, patients who visit Burwood Diamond Dental can rest assured that we will take extra care to make any treatment comfortable and anxiety-free. Dr Khoshamadi can determine if a tooth extraction is necessary after an initial consultation. We generally begin by ensuring the tooth and surrounding gums are sufficiently numb to remove pain from the equation. Then we typically perform one of the two types of extractions:

  • Simple extractions: Dr Khoshamadi can loosen the tooth by using a tool called an elevator and then extract it with a pair of forceps that securely clamps around the tooth and remove it
  • Surgical extractions: In some cases, a tooth may require extraction by surgical means (think of wisdom teeth, for example). Teeth may still lie under the gums or have erupted at the wrong angle. We can make a surgical incision in the gum line and then remove the tooth afterwards. 

Tooth Extractions in Burwood 

We strive to create a friendly family environment for any patient who walks into our door, no matter the situation! Although some patients may associate tooth extractions with a negative stigma from the past, advancements in modern dentistry have entirely transformed the process! Dentists can remove teeth efficiently and painlessly to benefit their patients' overall experience and oral health. Upon initial assessment, we offer patients plenty of information and allow them to make the final call on any treatment. Our friendly team is here to answer any questions and facilitate your journey to optimal oral health!

What Happens After a Tooth Extraction Procedure? 

So, you've just gotten that painful tooth out of your mouth. What's next? Leaving gaps in your teeth can detrimentally affect the gums, surrounding teeth and other facial structures. We recommend a few different tooth-replacement options to avoid complications or future conditions post-extraction. 

  • Dental implants provide outstanding, life-like tooth replacements that can last for years and involve the same amount of upkeep as existing teeth.
  • Full and partial dentures can replace entire arcs or partial sets of teeth 
  • Dental bridges fill the gap left by a missing tooth with a dental crown, aided and supported by crowns on adjacent teeth.

For more information on tooth extractions and how to successfully replace missing teeth, patients can call our practice on (02) 9747 6835

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Some may feel concerned about a tooth extraction procedure, but our professional staff at Burwood Diamond Dental can make you feel comfortable and at home. We invite all patients suffering from toothaches or other painful dental situations to arrange an initial consultation with our team. You can easily book online or call us on (02) 9747 6835 to begin the process of rejuvenating your oral health.