Tooth Piercing

Tooth jewellery is one of the many ways you can quickly and safely jazz up your smile. If you'd like to add extra pizazz to your pearly whites, dental jewellery can make your smile stand out from the crowd. At Burwood Diamond Dental, we can bond a small metal jewel, crystal, gem or charm to your tooth, giving your smile the wow factor you desire. 

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A Brief History of Mouth Bling and Dental Jewellery

Chances are you've heard of ear or body piercings; you may even have some yourself! But did you know tooth piercings and dental jewellery are an age-old practise that's coming back into style? 

People have been using tooth ornamentation for centuries, including the Etruscans, Egyptians and Mayans. From about 300 CE to 900 CE, the Mayan Empire encompassed much of what's now modern Mexico and areas of Central America, and Mayan royalty wore tooth jewellery with great pride to demonstrate their authority and affluence. 

Mayan kings, queens and nobles would create tiny holes in their teeth and fill them with jade to show their wealth and statusthe lighter the shade of jade, the wealthier the wearer. Many Mayans wore gems to promote abundant crops, life-giving rains and prosperity. 

At Burwood Diamond Dental, we offer several types of charms, gems and dental jewellery from which you can choose to adorn your one-of-a-kind smile. You, too, can enjoy the glow of a sparkling smile just like the ancient royals, but with the convenience and comfort of modern technology. 

What Is a Modern Tooth Piercing?

A dental piercing is a piece of jewellery attached to your tooth's surface. Oral jewellery can be temporarily bonded to the tooth or cemented for a long-lasting effect. Dentists usually place tooth gems on anterior (front) teeth. Unlike tooth piercings and dental gems from centuries ago, modern tooth piercing is safe, painless and performed by a dental professional. 

What Is the Dental Jewellery Process?

Tooth piercing is a quick and painless cosmetic dentistry treatment we offer at Burwood Diamond Dental. We start by assessing your oral health and aesthetic goals and create a personalised plan to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Dental jewellery doesn't require pre-treatment, and we bond the jewellery to the tooth similarly to how we apply an orthodontic bracket. Simply adhering a dental gem to the tooth's surface ensures the tooth's maintained health and structure.

The bonding agent doesn't damage your tooth, and you can choose temporary or longer-lasting jewellery. Whether you want to embellish your grin with your birthstone, favourite colour or a symbolic charm, we have the jewels, gems and crystals to make your teeth sparkle and shine. 

Safe Tooth Piercing in Burwood, NSW

Tooth piercing is a rising trend, and our skilled and experienced dental team can help you achieve the glittering smile of your dreams. Dr Mohsen Khoshamadi, Dr Roger Gomez and Dr Johanna Ramon are among the area's highly experienced and skilled dentists in Burwood, NSW. Our team professionally bonds dental jewellery using only the safest techniques and materials available, so you can rest assured you're in caring and capable hands. Whether you'd like a temporary tooth piercing for an upcoming event or desire semi-permanent oral jewellery, we can help.

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