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Whether it’s the phone in your pocket or a self-driving vehicle, in our modern age, revolutionary technologies are making their way into almost every aspect of our daily lives, and dentistry is no different! At Burwood Diamond Dental, we’ve synthesised our decades of experience with cutting edge technologies to reach maximum results for our patients and their oral health. From intraoral scans to laser dentistry, we can provide care in ways seemingly impossible in previous years.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras allow Dr Khoshamadi and our staff to take close-up images of the inside of a patient's mouth to get an incredibly clear picture of what's going on. Although it might sound like a science fiction movie, we assure you, it's still modern dental technology!

Patients can see exactly what a dentist sees, in real-time, on a screen display. Intraoral cameras allow transparency in explaining and describing what is happening with a patient's teeth and oral health.

The use of intraoral cameras gives dentists a much closer look than in previous years and can assist during exams and treatments, all while keeping patients comfortable and informed.

Learn more about where we use this technology:

Digital Scanner

What if you could see the results of a dental procedure before undergoing treatment? Believe it or not, we can accurately predict and show patients how their smiles will look thanks to our digital scanner. This innovative tool may sound like something from a movie, but rest assured, we can help patients design and achieve the smiles they’ve always wanted by taking detailed oral scans.

How does it work exactly? A digital scanner maps the teeth, gums, lips and jaws in their current state. After an in-depth consultation and discussion with patients about what procedures they need or would like to achieve, we can use the scans along with software that accurately shows patients how their smiles will look post-procedure. Our digital smile scanner can help in the following situations:

  • Smile design
  • Orthodontic simulations

In other words, if you are considering teeth-alignment options, cosmetic treatments, and other procedures that will make a massive difference in your oral health, getting an accurate idea of the future outcome can take your smile customisation to the next level.

Our digital scanner helps us better serve patients and maximise their custom results. We welcome you to book an initial consultation to find out the best ways to customise your smile while boosting your oral health!

Digital Records

When it comes to your teeth, access to updated information is crucial, especially for patients who visit our Burwood dental clinic on a routine basis. Digital records allow us to combine patients’ unique details, preferences, and more in a safe, digital location. We can monitor the changes in a patient’s teeth, notice any changes worth addressing, and recommend orthodontic or other treatment early on.

When patients need information on their oral health, we can easily pull up x-rays, images, documents, and anything else to aid in explaining or determining treatment options. If you require dental information for your records, we can easily print or email your data.

In addition, some of our other technologies, such as intraoral scans and digital x-rays, seamlessly integrate with our digital records.

Laser Dentistry

We provide oral surgeries and other essential treatments for our patients at Burwood Diamond Dental. Although dental surgery may sound daunting, laser dentistry allows us to perform some procedures more precisely and effectively than previous methods.

Instead of using a drill or other traditional instruments, a laser provides a focused beam that can shape teeth, cut out decay, or perform necessary incisions.

Some instances that we can treat with the help of laser dentistry include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Shaping a tooth for fillings

To learn more about how we utilise laser dentistry, please contact our staff by calling (02) 9747 6835.

Digital X-Rays

Do you ever wonder what your teeth look like below the gum line? Even during routine checkups, a dentist can only see certain aspects that designate the health of a patient's teeth. For years, x-rays have helped determine the causes of pain, discovered cavities, or indicated other conditions requiring treatment. At Burwood Diamond Dental, we provide patients with digital x-rays that allow for an even closer look at their teeth.

Technological Advantages of Digital X-Rays

In the past, an x-ray at the dentist or other type of medical facility involved film and much higher radiation levels. At Burwood Diamond Dental, when our patients require an x-ray, they'll experience around 80 per cent less radiation exposure than they would have in previous years.

Dr Khoshamadi takes plenty of time to explain the results of digital x-rays to his patients. Digital images allow zooming in and out for close examination and explanation. We can also rotate and better manipulate digital x-rays to provide a more transparent description than previous years.

We can seamlessly store and synthesise digital x-rays with patients' digital records and help keep track of their oral health for years to come.

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